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I’m Melanee Kate.

I'm a dreamer and a schemer. I am passionate about storytelling and creating art.

I'm a follower of Jesus Christ, a proud auntie of four, and an enthusiastic chocolate connoisseur. 

I’ve had a huge heart for children since I was barely two feet tall, and I love pulling them into my creativity and craziness. I am a girl who has a need for diversity, delights in good old fashioned fun, and loves to work with people.


Growing up as a military child I was blessed to have lived and traveled all over the world. My unique childhood spurred on a lifelong love for adventures that has helped me create an international network and portfolio. My education ranges from self teaching to interning with photography at the White House.

Most importantly, my passions and background has led me here; I am a professional kiddo whisperer, creative director, and photographer. I love to actualize visions for people and see them come to life. Photography makes me incredibly happy- but getting to create what goes in front of the lens is my passion. If you’re interested in letting me tell your story, please get in touch!


Since 2014 I have been been published over 50 times, with clients including Vanity Teen, Harpers BAZAAR, PetitePARADE, Babiekins, Hooligans, Poster Child, Mini Maven and Junior Style London.


Check out full editorial galleries!

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M'Kate Photography
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